All conference attendees will be required to pay a registration fee of $10 to ensure a place for lunch.

This may be done through PayPal. Please follow this link. You will have to create a free account to transfer the money. You should then enter "penpiano[at]" as the recipient of your $10. We're sorry the link does not set up the transaction more directly: the proprietary nature of Wikidot disallows a direct link to a PayPal transaction.

If you pay this way, we will confirm having received your payment, so if you do not hear from us, please write to statesofcrisis[at]

If PayPal is not a payment method you feel comfortable with, please send a check. Email if you'd like the proper address. If you are a Brandeis student, it may be easier for you to simply give the money to our treasurer, Lisa Rourke; cash or a check will do in this case.


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